Uvita, Costa Rica is a gorgeous destination with a plethora of activities and many natural wonders to see. There is something for everybody in this lovely town located in the jungles of Costa Rica. From walking the serene trails, to visiting the beautiful beaches or just hitting the town for a bite to eat. There is an activity for every traveler to enjoy in this natural setting of Costa Rica.

Uvita is known for Marino Bellena National Park, which it’s known for its pristine beaches and abundant wildlife. Uvita is the home of a variety of scenic beaches apart from this national park. One of the beaches includes Playa Uvita; this is a long, crescent shaped beach white Snow White sand crystal clear waters. This beach is known for many tropical activities to enjoy and the amazing wildlife. This includes animals like the humpback whale, sea turtles, dolphins and much more! You can actually visit the famous “Whale’s tale” which is an iconic rock formation best seen during low tide, where you can even surf, take a tour, and much, much more.

Since Uvita is surrounded by dense rainforest, it happens to be home to a whole variety of wildlife. Visitors of Uvita actually can go on guided hikes to see these wonderful animals in their natural habitats. Seeing the lush green canopy teeming with life above you is not something many people get to experience. There are countless species of birds, beautiful iridescent butterflies,  you can even get a gimple of brilliantly colored toucans as you walk alongside the crystal clear stream. Some other animals that could be seen on these hikes are sloths, parrots, reptiles, and you are definitely bound to see a variety of monkeys down in the rainforest.

Another extraordinary beach located in Uvita, Costa Rica is Playa Ventanas. This beach is actually known for its stunning natural sea caves  ready to be explored. With its unique geographical formations carved into the side of a cliff side, surrounded by towering palm trees and turquoise green waters; this is truly a remarkable sight anybody would love to relax at. An additional great exploration of Uvita is the breathtaking Nauyaca waterfall surrounded by this lush jungle, it’s a must see for any travelers visiting Uvita. We actually visit this  waterfall on our nature hike with Metamorphosis Retreats to truly connect with ourselves and Mother Earth. There is no feeling like bathing In the natural showers of a great big waterfall. As you’re standing beneath the cascading water, and the misty spray surrounds you, you can feel the invigorating water massaging your muscles. Being immersed in such a magnificent force of nature is an experience you would not want to miss out on.

Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, there’s something to do for all traveling to Uvita, no matter what your interests are. If you are looking to visit a truly breathtaking and unique destination that showcases the natural beauties of Costa Rica, then look no further than Uvita!