DAY 3: SOAR DAY – Cacao Ceremony

Are you excited to attend your first cacao ceremony? Here is what to expect.

This ceremony is helpful for getting clarity, setting intentions, and doing healing work & inner processing. A sacred space helps you get out of your normal frame of mind, allowing you to experience new insights & perspectives. Cacao increases the energetic field of our hearts. The field is amplified and woven together with multiple hearts in the room. We each carry unique messages for each other, and even if you are in a ceremony with strangers, they may share something about their personal experience that provides more clarity or inspiration for where you are in your life. When a group all drinks cacao together, they are shifting their energy into the same frequency or vibration. 

What you can experience during a cacao ceremony:

A space to enter meditation –silence the mind, connect to the spirit within you

Open wide to our true potential, be vulnerable, and embrace our authentic selves

Healing therapy – releasing blocks, following your heart

Balance of masculine and feminine energies

Enhanced creativity

Connect to love and awareness in ourselves, to make more loving choices for the greater good