Practicing the art of yoga in the beautiful outdoors can really offer a number of benefits to your physical, mental and spiritual health! Having the great opportunity to connect with nature is a powerful stress reliever that can help individuals increase focus,  reduce one’s level of  anxiety and give you an increased sense of community with others sharing the same interest! Allow yourself to observe the beauty all around you and let it inspire your wonderful  transformational practices!

Being surrounded by gorgeous greenery and the lovely sounds of nature is such a great way to connect with natural elements within you. It can even offer a unique set of challenges with uneven terrains, winds and other elements which could  improve one’s physical fitness. This is due to the added level of difficulty to one’s practice. This could improve your balancing and focusing skills along with your physical fitness!

Another amazing benefit to outdoor yoga is getting to breathe the fresh, natural air. Along with a big dose of vitamin D! Exposure to all of the natural environment gives your body the chance to soak up the much needed vitamins from the sun. Vitamin D is also known to enhance immune systems,  boost energy levels and could improve your mood, which is super helpful when practicing the art of yoga.

While being outdoors is already so beneficial to your body,  mind and soul, it is very important to provide a deeper connection to your surroundings. Going into the same yoga spot everyday becomes so predictable. Especially if it’s indoors. Go explore the wonderful world outside and discover new places to practice connecting deeper to the elements through yoga. Some tips you could use to elevate your natural yoga experience is:

    1. Find a peaceful spot, away from the distractions of the world.

    1. Take very deep breaths and allow the fresh air to fill up your lungs

    1. Take advantage of the natural light! Practice in the morning or evening while the sun isn’t so harsh on your skin. Even finding a nice tree with some shade will do you good!

    1. Listen. Be in tune with the natural sounds of the elements. Treat the sounds as your own personal meditation soundtrack!

    1. Adjust yourself for the environment, being outdoors is not quite the same as being inside. Think about uneven grounds, the weather , etc!

In conclusion, outdoor yoga can be a refreshing experience that could enhance your physical and mental health. Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a beginner, practicing yoga in the great outdoors is a perfect way to connect with nature, enhance your mood, improve your physical fitness and help build connections with those around you! On our retreat, we practice outdoor yoga every morning to ensure we’re starting the day as connected and refreshed as possible. Taking in the invigorating Costa Rican air every morning along with other women looking for the same rejuvenating experience is truly a  journey like no other, and surely one you would not want to miss. So why not give it a try on our lovely retreat and see the benefits for yourself!