Retreats allow for healing. At times the past can crawl in and out through the darkest places of our souls. We aren’t without sins. We are stitched together because of them. It’s important to understand that in groups we can accomplish much. In the presence of love and acceptance we begin to shift awareness. Safe spaces full of love are created for these moments.

This is why we go on spiritual journeys. Why we join groups of like-minded people. We need a tribe to reflect those things that bring peace, joy and healing.

Retreats are not only about entertaining. They provide an attitude of opening up your life so others can come in and join. They are about allowing love and kindness to flow through that space of sharing and being in the present moment with others without judgment. And when this happens it is magical!Join us in our Costa Rica retreat on October 6-10, 2022.  

We can’t wait to share space and allow the metamorphosis to begin!